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Professional Leaders

Meet Our Team

Nemo Gindi

Founder & CEO

After realizing a successful career in jewelry sourcing, Nemo founded The NES Group with a focus on building relationships among the team as well as with suppliers and retail partners. While being a merchant at heart, he has led our organization as it's become one of the premier jewelry providers in the world.

Michelle Cohen

VP, Creative Director

Michelle has been at The NES Group for over 16 years. Her blended experience in retail sales and creative design makes her skill set perfectly suited to understand our customers' goals and to effectively blend beauty with business.

Ali Cohen

VP, Fashion Accessories

Ali has been with The NES Group for 14 years and has over 20 years in the wholesale industry. His team's success and expansion into multiple accessory categories has brought world class fashion accessories to our customers and partners around the globe.

Yosi Arish

VP, Operations

For over 19 years, Yosi has been working around the clock for The NES Group to ensure all areas of the business run smoothly. With his history in IT and operations, he is able to figure anything out and is the most agile member of the team. Yosi is responsible for the company's progress into a technological and logistical age.

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