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Welcome to The NES Group

For over 20 years, our commitment has been to create beautiful jewelry with careful attention to detail in design, quality, service, and value. The NES Group pairs strategic business insight with world class operations to make our retail and branding partnerships successful and profitable.

Long lasting, meaningful relationships are at the heart of The NES Group.

Nemo Gindi

President of The NES Group







About Our Company

Our team of creative, forward-thinking jewelry experts are committed to creating beautiful, unique products for our customers. The NES Group is equally committed to value, social consciousness, premium quality, and efficient delivery. Underneath it all is our passion for creating wearable works of art.

Our mission is to cultivate a transparent, compassionate, and inclusive jewelry industry.

At A Glance

For over 20 years, our commitment has been to create beautiful jewelry, while giving our customers top designs, excellent quality, service, and value. The NES Group is staffed with experienced design and merchandising teams both domestically and internationally. With 3D CADs and technical drawing abilities, prototyping and sampling, our team is able to bring your vision to life in as little as 1 - 3 weeks.

The NES Group exceeds 100 million dollars in sales annually with more than 200 employees globally with an international presence, including China offices in Qingdao, Yiwu, and Zhuhai. We're pioneers in the sustainable, upcycled jewelry space, having led the way for more than a decade. Our team is conscious of the environmental impact of the fashion industry, which is why we're committed to ethically-sourced, responsibly-produced products.

Based in the heart of New York City with a 14,000 sqft office and 60,000 sqft warehouse

Over 200 full time employees with a focus on diversity, inclusion, and female empowerment

More than 14 years of experience leading the way in environmental impact and sustainability

Consistent year-over-year growth as a result of strong domestic and international partnerships

The NES Group Difference

From the very beginning of a client's work with us, they see the difference in partnering with an organization that truly has their best interests in mind. Our approach is collaborative and consultative - monitoring what's working, updating styles, and making life easier. It goes beyond the best jewelry - we want to show you why we're the ideal partner for your next wave of success.

Modern & Innovative

Our expert design team is constantly pushing the envelope and creating unique pieces for our customers. The NES Group's expertise extends beyond fine, bridge, and fashion jewelry into cutting edge, profit-driven packaging solutions as well.

Collaborative at Heart

We take a long-term approach and invest in relationships. Our partnerships are strategic, collaborative, and designed to make you more profitable. NES believes in partnerships that last and make business better for both parties.

Uniquely capable

While agile and adaptable to market challenges, The NES Group keeps millions of dollars of inventory in stock so we can be ready and able to deliver what you need, when you need it.

Elegant & Refined

At every level, our team is comprised of experts who live and breathe fashion and infuse that passion into each piece.

Let’s Work Together

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